20-21 Apr Almaty


About The Forum

The 2nd International Ethnosport Forum will be held in Almaty-Kazakhstan between 20-21 April 2019 under the title of "Reviving Traditional Sports". The sessions will focus on how traditional sports can move to a better place, with the discussions of topics such as education, local governments, intercultural relations, belongingness, clubbing, and globalization. Opinions that will arise as a result of the meetings will be compiled as a conclusion report and shared with the public.

The forum acts as a consultation, collaboration, collective mind, and action platform in order to realize the short, medium and long term goals of traditional sports worldwide and ethnosports that cover the associated cultures, while it will also give rise to opportunities for contact and collaboration between various countries and nations. The event will be hosted by the Kazakhstan Ethnosport Association, a member of the World Ethnosport Confederation, and -just like in the first forum- will be based on the theme of "Reviving Traditional Sports". While the subjects addressed in the first forum will be evaluated, this event will also serve as a platform to pioneer new and different perspectives with respect to the field through the new topics it will address. The forum, which will begin with the opening program and panel will last for two days. The sessions will be on various headlining topics concerning traditional sports. The results of the sessions will be shared with the public.

About WEC

The World Ethnosport Confederation is an international organization that carries out activities to promote awareness and proliferation of traditional sports and games. The head office of the Confederation, which was established in Bishkek in 2015, moved to Istanbul in 2017.

As an international umbrella organization, the confederation, which supports preservation, execution and sustainability of traditional sports and games transmitted from generation to generation, plans to make its activities towards this end more permanent and systematic. The World Ethnosport Confederation organizes international activities to revive traditional sports and games, increase their awareness, and make them popular around the world. It aims to perform in a professional context to ensure ethnosport’s relevance in the future, the values of which have been handed down the next generations for thousands of years.


1st Ethnosport Forum, 2018


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